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Supergirls is a long overdue tribute to the fabulous fighting females whose beauty and bravery brighten the pages of your favorite comic.”

                         —Stan Lee

Comic book superheroines bend steel, travel across time and space, and wield the awesome forces of nature. These mighty females do everything that male heroes do. But they have to work their wonders in skirts and high heels.

The Supergirls, a cultural history of comic book heroines, asks whether their world of fantasy is that different from our own. Are the stories of Wonder Woman’s search for an identity, Batwoman and Power Girl’s battle for equality, and Manhunter’s juggling of crime fighting career and motherhood also an alternative sage of modern American women?

“Entertaining and informative, Supergirls is a breezy and thoroughly accessible history of the comic book heroine.  A great resource!”

         —Marc Andreyko, writer,

                    Manhunter and Torso

“Mike Madrid’s fast-moving, encyclopedic, and often funny Supergirls is shows the author’s lifelong affection for these heroines on every page. he has a great feel for the genre and its history, with evident sensitivity to issues of female power and powerlessness. the section on the She-Hulk is not to be missed!”

         —Larry Gonick, author, Cartoon History of the Universe

“...An unflinching look at the way superheroines have both reflected the time and mood of a nation, as well as occasionally giving life a chance to imitate art...Exhaustive in its research, full of interesting lore and little-known details, ‘The Supergirls’ is a high-flying trip through comic book history.”

         —Jackson Free Press

“There comes a time in every comic book geek shash fashionista’s life when she must ask herself. ‘What do costumes and couture have in common?’ The Supergirls  sets out to answer that question...making itinformative enough and providing sufficient cultural context for those who may have no prior comic book knowledge.”

         —WORN Fashion Journal

“...hopefully will start some new discussions not just about female superheroes, but their cultutal sigificance in American pop culture...”

         —BITCH Magazine