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Praise for The Supergirls

"Supergirls is a long overdue tribute to the fabulous fighting females whose beauty and bravery brighten the pages of your favorite comics."–– Stan Lee

"The affection the author holds for these characters is infectious . . . An essential read for pop-culture enthusiasts, feminists, comic-book readers, and social justice warriors." 

           –– Kirkus Reviews

"The Supergirls . . . is sharp and lively––and just obsessive about women who wear capes and boots to be cool but not creepy. The guy clearly loves this stuff. A-"

           –– Entertainment Weekly

"Entertaining and informative, Supergirls is a breezy and thoroughly accessible history of the comic book heroine. A great resource!" 

     –– Marc Andreyko, writer, Manhunter

". . . hopefully it will start some new discussions not just about female superheroes, but their cultural significance in American pop culture . . ."–– BITCH Magazine

"Mike Madrid's fast-moving, encyclopedic, and often funny Supergirls shows the author's lifelong affection for these heroines on every page. He has a great feel for the genre and its

history,with evident sensitivity to issues of female power and powerlessness.  The section on the She-Hulk is not to be missed!"

      –– Larry Gonick, author, Cartoon History of the Universe

"There comes a time in ever comic book geek slash fashionista's life when she must ask herself, 'What do costumes and couture have in common?' Supergirls sets out to answer that question . . . making it informative and providing sufficient cultural context for those who may have no prior comic book knowledge." ––Worn Fashion Journal

"With the explosion of breakout new female heroes, huge changes for fan favorites, and major icons heading from page to screen, there's never been a better time to soar with this expanded version of The Supergirls by Mike Madrid. Code-names and styles change, new characters rise but Madrid remains the Professor of comics history with a pulse on the past, present, and where these heroes are flying next." 

           –– Will

". . . as it delivers its clear-eyes critique of the way mainstream superhero comics have alternately eroticized or deified female characters, The Supergirls gleefully celebrates the medium itself, in all its goofy, glorious excess." –– NPR

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